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Perhaps the most important communication device that NCI Exmouth use is a telephone.

We also have two VHF radios which are used to listen out, we don't just look out, for routine and emergency traffic.  These radios are used to automatically scan the hailing channel (16) and others of relevance, such as Brixham Coastguards working channel (67).

Various optical aids from fairly low powered hand held binoculars for general lookout, through stand binoculars for more detailed work up to a spotting scope capable of 60X magnification.

A chart table with a general chart of our area of Lyme Bay from Berry Head around to Straight Point and a more detailed chart of the Exe Estuary.  These are used to plot incidents so that we can keep the Coastguard abreast of developments.

A weather station which gives wind speed and direction, barometric pressure and temperature along with a range of data supporting information which will be viewed through our web cam facility.