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NCI Exmouth


We are based in the Tower above the Harbour View Cafe on Exmouth sea front - there must have been a watch kept from the site for some years because a Coastguard lookout is designated for the very same spot on the Admiralty Chart of 1827.

We opened on 7 June, 1998, and have maintained visual watches every weekend since then. Shifts are worked daily during the warmer months. As with some of the NCI's other stations, Exmouth is in its own way unique.  A tidal range of up to 4.2 metres goes through the narrow Exe Channel in front of the beach, from which our Tower must keep track of small boats, jet-skis, windsurfers, bathers, dinghys and canoes, as well as more distant ocean-going traffic.

We meet monthly in the Royal Air Force Association Club, where we listen to speakers from, among others, the HM Customs and Excise Drug Unit and water sports experts who advise on all aspects of their sport.  Other educational topics have included weather, use of VHF (most of our watchkeepers are now VHF certified), navigation, chartwork, wildlife and the environment.

All new volunteers spend time with experienced watchkeepers and are not asked to take any responsibility until absolutely confident to do so.

Anyone over 18 can join, and women and men are equally welcome,

Contact us by E-mail on NCIexmouth@swills.co.uk or by telephone on (01395) 269163
                                                                                                  or (01395) 277247
                                                                                                  or (01395) 222492 (Lookout)


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