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The Tower




When NCI Exmouth branch first started in 1998 some thought was given to where a lookout might be located.

The look-out of Exmouth NCI is based in the Tower situated in the Harbour View Cafe opposite the Exmouth Lifeboat station, (Inshore).

Many years ago it was the home of the Exmouth Yacht and/or Sailing Club.  Prior to being the home of the Yacht Club it housed Exmouth's salt water baths.  In Victorian times Exmouth was a fashionable Seaside town and visitors enjoyed its saline bath facility and other services such as thermal baths.  Afterwards they would enjoy the refreshments of the then Bath House Cafe.

In 1998 the Tower began a new lease of life becoming the Look-out Station for The Exmouth Branch of The National Coastwatch Institute with a current membership of 50 volunteers.